I Want To Declutter, One Magazine At A Time


I recently quit my job to pursue my dream of becoming a writer, I'm currently living on my own tiny savings and paying to keep my former job's health insurance plan under COBRA.  I never realized my former employer paid over $450 a month for my health plan, until I quit my job and I am paying for the same plan  myself.  I'm starting to worry about running out of money.  I am therefore selling things from my tiny apartment like the following magazine for $0.01, hoping to downsize and also help to pay for my health insurance.  When you buy this magazine, not only will you help me pay for my COBRA health insurance, you will also help the environment by reducing waste in landfills.

This magazine is like new and is in very good condition, it has a subscription address label though. If you are a fan of Hollywood celebrities news, or if you are a magazine collector, or if you are a writer looking for inspiration to create your characters, or if you are a crafter who is loo…

Such A Sad Morning

It's really sad to have to wake up to the news of yet another senseless tragedy. I can't find words to express my sadness.  Yes, I can feel the pain of the victims' family because I had dreamed about the death of my siblings, and my parents over and over; and in such dreams, I cried my heart out until I felt as if I was suffering from a heart attack and I woke up with tears.  It felt so painful even in a dream when my heart felt like it was being torn apart into pieces. It always took me a couple minutes after I woke up before I could calm myself down and realize it was just a dream. But for those who lost their loved ones last night for real,  I hope they will somehow find peace again.

How to Spend a Saturday When I Am Broke?

I can't really say I'm broke because I still have a few dollars to help pay my health insurance, and rent to the bank and the government for both my car and my very small and crappy apartment.  But I can see how just anyone can easily become broke by paying health insurance alone.  I'm currently paying over $450 just to keep the health plan I used to have with my former employer, under the COBRA law which was set up to insure those who temporarily lost their jobs or in transition from one job to another.  
If only my former employer had let me know exactly how much it had been paying for my health insurance, I probably wouldn't have the courage to quit my job.  Yeah, it's easy to say that regret is a waste of time.  But I can't help it.  I'm not a doll in a game.  I'm human and I can't rid of my  human weakness of feeling regretful.  I'm seeking for a cheaper alternative to my current health plan.  I never knew how to do this because I always h…

How Do I Make Money By Just Shopping?

Now that I'm officially unemployed, (I quit and left my job recently and I'm still looking for the next job...)  I wonder how I'm going to make money to pay for the bills while waiting for the next full time job or the next freelance writing project?  If you have any advice for me,  please comment below so I can learn...
As I'm starting to get worried about my prospect, (even though it's been only a very short time since I was gainfully employed),  I once again escape to the game world of Stardoll to distract myself.  My doll lives quite an easy life so far in a rent-free 2-rooms apartment and free basic living room furniture. She receives a few star coins every now and then without doing anything.  Just by changing to a different outfit and makeup; or repainting her apartment when she is asked to, she is rewarded with a cat with its bed, a couple extra wall posters, and a chic console table!  
Can real people make money like this in the real world?  I guess there…

How to Efficiently Unpack an Apartment After Move-in?

In a game world of Stardoll, unpacking moving boxes and getting the new apartment organized after moving in is magical.  All I had to do was to click on the moving boxes, then the furniture just jumped out for me to drag and move to wherever I want them to be.
In the real world, I still have my moving boxes filled with stuff that are tucked in the corner of my tiny living room since I last moved here to start my job, which I just quit.  I feel ashamed that I still haven't completely unpacked from my last move even though I no longer have the job now.  I'm now even less motivated to unpack these boxes since I don't know for how much longer I will be staying in this same apartment.  I feel overwhelmed by these boxes thinking that I will have to move them to another place eventually.  I don't even know what are inside them.
My apartment in the game world makes me realize that I need to downsize my belongings so that I can be more mobile and flexible.  I don't really n…

Am I The Only One Who Sometimes Wishes To Be The Child Of Another

To my mother, MJ this Mother's Day!! You are everything!! — Kris Jenner (@KrisJenner) May 14, 2017 I'm not really a fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  I only watched a few episodes here and there when I was visiting my friends because I cut the cable TV to save money several years ago.  It's hard to not know who the Kardashians are when they are constantly on the magazines covers at the grocery stores check-out counters.

As much as I don't really care to keep up with the Kardashians, I often secretly wish that Kris Jenner could be my mother because I think she is quite pretty and she makes pretty children.  Seriously, without her, none of her daugthers would have been where they are today, in terms of fame and fortune.

Where Can I Start A New Life?

How many of you are happy with your life?  Let me know because I want to learn from you the secrets on how to stay happy with life.  I'm not happy with  my life because I feel life is so unfair.  I had discovered its unfairness since I was a little kid.  I always wish I could be born as someone else, like one of my classmates who got her own room without having to share with her sister, or another classmate whose father took her on overseas vacations and the Disney World all the time.
There were times in my teenage years when I wish I weren't born.  As an adult, I'm feeling less resentful about the unfairness, yet I still don't feel it matters if I were born or not.  I have no suicidal thought or intent because I'm afraid of pain.  So don't worry, I'll never kill myself just because I'm not content with my life.  But if I were given a chance to make over my life completely to the better, I would take the opportunity without a second thought.  Just wher…