How to Efficiently Unpack an Apartment After Move-in?

In a game world of Stardoll, unpacking moving boxes and getting the new apartment organized after moving in is magical.  All I had to do was to click on the moving boxes, then the furniture just jumped out for me to drag and move to wherever I want them to be.

In the real world, I still have my moving boxes filled with stuff that are tucked in the corner of my tiny living room since I last moved here to start my job, which I just quit.  I feel ashamed that I still haven't completely unpacked from my last move even though I no longer have the job now.  I'm now even less motivated to unpack these boxes since I don't know for how much longer I will be staying in this same apartment.  I feel overwhelmed by these boxes thinking that I will have to move them to another place eventually.  I don't even know what are inside them.

My apartment in the game world makes me realize that I need to downsize my belongings so that I can be more mobile and flexible.  I don't really need more than the staples that  my doll has in the game.  So I will start taking inventory of my current possessions in my real world and I will get rid of those that I don't use much.   The books and magazine that I display on my doll's apartment  above are the actual items I will try to get rid of pretty soon.  If you want them, please comment below and also contact me.


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