How to Spend a Saturday When I Am Broke?

I can't really say I'm broke because I still have a few dollars to help pay my health insurance, and rent to the bank and the government for both my car and my very small and crappy apartment.  But I can see how just anyone can easily become broke by paying health insurance alone.  I'm currently paying over $450 just to keep the health plan I used to have with my former employer, under the COBRA law which was set up to insure those who temporarily lost their jobs or in transition from one job to another.  

If only my former employer had let me know exactly how much it had been paying for my health insurance, I probably wouldn't have the courage to quit my job.  Yeah, it's easy to say that regret is a waste of time.  But I can't help it.  I'm not a doll in a game.  I'm human and I can't rid of my  human weakness of feeling regretful.  I'm seeking for a cheaper alternative to my current health plan.  I never knew how to do this because I always had health insurance which was always paid for by my college or my former job so I never thought about it.  I heard about the unhappy uproar on news about healthcare.  I just never knew what it was really about.  But I'm learning about it now... 

In a state of paranoia of  becoming broke, I'm actually fearful of going out on the weekends.  The fear of spending more gas and money by leaving the apartment is so great that I resort to playing the online Stardoll game again.  If I can't go out and have fun, I may as well play a game which I can help my doll earn some game rewards or Star coins by dressing up a celebrity.   It's not real money, but it's something that can help me keep playing the game for free for now, until I'm running out of the free Star coins....


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