How Do I Make Money By Just Shopping?

Now that I'm officially unemployed, (I quit and left my job recently and I'm still looking for the next job...)  I wonder how I'm going to make money to pay for the bills while waiting for the next full time job or the next freelance writing project?  If you have any advice for me,  please comment below so I can learn...

As I'm starting to get worried about my prospect, (even though it's been only a very short time since I was gainfully employed),  I once again escape to the game world of Stardoll to distract myself.  My doll lives quite an easy life so far in a rent-free 2-rooms apartment and free basic living room furniture. She receives a few star coins every now and then without doing anything.  Just by changing to a different outfit and makeup; or repainting her apartment when she is asked to, she is rewarded with a cat with its bed, a couple extra wall posters, and a chic console table!  

Can real people make money like this in the real world?  I guess there are the lucky few of us who can, like certain Reality TV stars who just shop, make some appearance at some restaurants, change some clothes and post a selfie on social media; and then get paid for millions of dollars.

I don't know exactly how normal regular people can get the world's attention and therefore the deep pocket sponsors by just shopping and posting selfie on social media, but there must be other ways for me to make a few dollars to pay for my health insurance while I'm waiting for the next gig... I would like to hear from you about your ideas of making some money while being unemployed.  Please feel free to comment below.


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