Where Can I Start A New Life?

How many of you are happy with your life?  Let me know because I want to learn from you the secrets on how to stay happy with life.  I'm not happy with  my life because I feel life is so unfair.  I had discovered its unfairness since I was a little kid.  I always wish I could be born as someone else, like one of my classmates who got her own room without having to share with her sister, or another classmate whose father took her on overseas vacations and the Disney World all the time.

There were times in my teenage years when I wish I weren't born.  As an adult, I'm feeling less resentful about the unfairness, yet I still don't feel it matters if I were born or not.  I have no suicidal thought or intent because I'm afraid of pain.  So don't worry, I'll never kill myself just because I'm not content with my life.  But if I were given a chance to make over my life completely to the better, I would take the opportunity without a second thought.  Just where are such opportunities available without joining the CIA and become a spy?  I still have yet to figure out.

In the meantime, I just signed up with an online game called the Stardoll.  I stumbled upon the site accidentally and out of curiosity, I signed up.  I need an escape to my real life.  I can't afford to escape to the Bahamas, or somewhere exotic.  So escaping to an online game sounds like a good idea.

Immediately I discovered that being a doll in an online game is so much better than being the real me.  I was given Starcoins (the money used in the game), a two-rooms apartment / studio, with a view that seems to be the backdrop of Central park in New York City.  Moving in was magical because without the hassle of finding a reputable moving company, I was moved in and boxes of free furniture were already sitting inside the apartment.  The best part of being a doll is that I am given a drop dead gorgeous body and face to begin my new life with.  Imagine if only everybody could start our real life like this in the real world!

So, if you are looking for a free escape to your harsh real life, sign up with Stardoll and come back here to comment below to let me know you are there.  This way, we can make new friends with each other in this alternate world of fashion.

Oh, right, I would like to tell my mom, "Happy Mother's Day! I love you very much even though you may not be able to see it, even though I wish you could had given me a better body, a prettier face, a better connected and wealthier social network. I know you did your best loving me.  I wish you could have saved all that money and energy on having me and raising me, on some Apple or Walmart stocks instead, so you could realize your own wonderful dreams instead of having me and hoping you could live your hopes and dreams through me.  While I still feel it could've been a better deal for both you and I if I weren't born, I definitely will never tell you this.  I just don't have the heart to ruin your dream of motherhood. So I love you mom, I hope you will never have to wake up from the lies of "motherhood", and I will try my best to keep the lies going, for your sake. I do love you even though it's not easy for you to see it at times."


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