I Want To Declutter, One Magazine At A Time


I recently quit my job to pursue my dream of becoming a writer, I'm currently living on my own tiny savings and paying to keep my former job's health insurance plan under COBRA.  I never realized my former employer paid over $450 a month for my health plan, until I quit my job and I am paying for the same plan  myself.  I'm starting to worry about running out of money.  I am therefore selling things from my tiny apartment like the following magazine for $0.01, hoping to downsize and also help to pay for my health insurance.  When you buy this magazine, not only will you help me pay for my COBRA health insurance, you will also help the environment by reducing waste in landfills.

This magazine is like new and is in very good condition, it has a subscription address label though. If you are a fan of Hollywood celebrities news, or if you are a magazine collector, or if you are a writer looking for inspiration to create your characters, or if you are a crafter who is looking for some colorful paper to create paper flowers or jewelry, this magazine is for you.
Price: $0.01
USPS Shipping: $3.90


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